CNP Operating LLC is a leader CBD manufacturer vertically integrated with a 360 approach to the processing of high quality CBD products designed for growers, pharmaceutical, wellness providers, and retailers needs. We provide toll processing services which includes; Extraction, Distillation, Remediation, Isolation and Chromatography.

At CNP Operating we boast on having a very professional, organized and dedicated team with 30 years of combined experience. Our state of the art facilities follow guidelines to meet GMP and ISO standards and has combined 23,000 sq.ft filled with proprietary technology distillation equipment, in house lab testing, distribution warehouse and white labelling product formulation and design. CNP Operating offers tours into our facility to show transparency and offer an exclusive social networking and co-working space for CBD professionals to meet fellow industry leaders, discuss the latest trends and technology, and forge the future of the CBD community.



In Wray, Colorado we have a very large state of the art 20,000 sq.ft facility. Our facility is brand new as of 2019 and was built from the ground up to house-four Extraction Machines, two walk-in freezers and a hemp storage facility. It has four unique built close systems for extraction with specialty designed jacketed reactors that have been integrated into the extraction process to introduce Carbon oxidation methods – this is a proprietary extraction method designed by CNP Operating to produce the cleanest crude in the market place. 

We’re happy to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at sales@cnpoperating.com


 In Centennial, Colorado we have one building, a 13,000 sq.ft extraction and distillation facility, outfitted with lab testing and a research department led by some of the brightest PHD Chemists Scientists and master formulators  in the industry. The facility is comprised of seven (7) distillation machines, two (2) industrial decarb Stations & isolate lab. Latest acquisitions include a 6 head filling, capping labelling & shrinking line capable of producing 30ml, 50ml & 60ml for white label product manufacturing of tinctures. Also a full lab testing in house designed and setup by by Dr Fatih Büyüksönmez, Ph.D – CEO of Conquer Scientific and Professor at San Diego State University overseen by Dr Morgan Krim


Why Us?


We constantly strive to enhance the operations support and delivery methods focusing on ensuring we are dependable and able to take care of our clients needs, time lines and meet deliverables.

Quality Certifications

We follow the guidelines of a GMP and ISO 9001 compliant facility. We are dedicated to ensuring quality at all levels of our process of manufacturing and farming.

Assurance Guaranteed

Transparency is important to us, get all the information from seed origin, farming practices, product composition and sustainability. We guarantee quality, consistency and reliability.


CNP Operating is a pioneer & leader in the Hemp Industry and dedicated to always creating and developing cutting trends in Hemp Processing Technology.

CNP partnered with Mr Edward Lemus of E2 Labs to develop a proprietary closed system machine for the production of Isolate in an efficient and expedited fashion.

The Isolate crystallization vessel will consist of a jacketed SS container, A closed loop vessel for the use of Pentane & Controlled C1 D2 mixer and a chiller to accelerate the process. This vessel is projected to increase production by 60-70% compared to current productions standards.

Mr Lemus began his Engineering career with Schlumberger, an oil and gas leader. Prior to partnering with CNP Operating, Mr Lemus was a Hemp Extraction Engineer responsible for operations, local code compliance, laboratory standard procedures pertaining to distillate, crude, decarb and isolate. Mr Lemus holds a patent with the USPTO #20110024602.

CNP Operating’s Team of PHD Research Scientists are committed to making the best quality crude and distillate in the industry. Lab’s scientists carefully examine and oversee the extraction process from start to finish to ensure the finest product quality in the industry.

Private White Label CBD
CBD Isolate Manufacturing


In order for a laboratory to provide consistent and accurate results, every aspect of the testing process requires an intensive validation initiative. Inconsistent laboratory results have been an issue in the hemp industry since its inception. Determining product potency and having products you can trust for your business is very lucrative to your success.

Below are all the steps that we at CNP Operating have taken to ensure the most accurate, consistent, and reliable results in the industry.

We are fully outfitted with in house laboratory testing capabilities. We have set up our facility in such a way that provides the proper framework for us to test our material at each step from extraction, distillation, isolation and remediation processing stages.

All material is further tested by using several different third party accredited labs to do the final testing on all our raw materials. All of our COA’s can be requested and validated for authenticity at all times.

We focus on transparency, quality control and sustainability. Whether you have a product line or your in the pharmaceutical industry we ensure reliable quality.

For any inquiries please email us at sales@cnpoperating.com.

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