We use both ethanol and co2 extraction methods. We take a Pharmaceutical approach to our quality and ensure consistent potency.

– Hexane
– Pesticides
– Pentane
– Lead- Mold
– Mercury
– Heavy Metals

Because we sell in bulk, we sell by the kilogram (kg). The minimum order is one kg. For white label products its case by case. Please contact us.

In order to receive our exclusive bulk wholesale pricing please go to our contact us page and fill in the form. We will review and get back to you promptly. Our pricing is based on quantity and requirements.

Once you have made your order and we have received payment, we will ship product safely and securely overnight with UPS. You will receive a tracking number once product has been sent.

We stand by our product so if there is a problem with the product we will refund the client as long as the product is not tampered with and/or altered in anyway, however it is case by case.

We do offer both. For us we like to treat every client as if they will be with us for the long haul.
We initially like to start with a spot buy to work through the details. After that we can move into a more permanent solution for clients needing consistent regular orders. Our goal is to provide top quality product and be a your continued reliable source for CBD.

It is simple. Each one of our clients goes through an evaluation process. This is to better understand the clients needs and requirements. Once vetted and in our system a qualified sales representative will be dedicated to your account, with whom you can can call or email to make future orders. Lead times are generally 1-4 business days.

The first step is to determine which products you are looking for. The next step is we will have you fit out a private label intake form that addresses, packaging, CBD contents, CBD amounts, additives, quantities, custom formulations and more. From there we will review and schedule a call with you to go over the details and prices based on your request.

We have two, one is in Wray Colorado and the other is in Centennial Colorado, USA.

Yes! We do walks and tours daily with our clients, transparency is key for us so come on down to see us anytime!

We are outfitted for in-house lab testing capabilities. We test orders at every step of the process so that we can confidently know exactly what the product tests at. For the  clients ready to order we do third party testing at any certified lab on all our products.

Yes just send us a message on our contact us page or send us an e-mail at sales@cnpoperating.com and we can get you those items right away via email.

Yes, we farm in USA, we manufacture in USA. Everything is tracked from seed to sale which is readily available upon request.

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