Get Educated On CBD

It has been quite the media buzz that CBD has gained in such a short time. A few years ago, no one even knew what CBD was. It’s become so popular and such a hot new product in market that everyone wants to know more about it. These days we can find CBD at gas stations, CVS, grocery stores and many other mainstream retailers.

The most important part to this is really understanding and educating yourself about CBD and its benefits.

CBD has become very socially acceptable and no wonder that companies large and small all are wondering how they can come out with the next best product with CBD and if not they are more than likely invested into research stages.

First of all not all CBD products are created equally. Much the same when your researching the best protein powder or perhaps your looking for a new lawyer to represent you. You must do your research and understand before making decisions. In this case it’s about optimum wellness to understand how it can support your system. Well the first step is to have a firm understanding of the endo-cannabinoid system and the potential benefits of hemp extract, you can then begin to comprehend the difference in products.

First, we’ll start with the source of CBD oils. The most common source for CBD oil is hemp. Hemp naturally has a low quantity of THC — for it to be classified as hemp in the United States, the plant must have a THC concentration of 0.3% or less. This low concentration of THC makes premium grade CBD oil a more family-friendly option. However, just because the CBD oil is derived from hemp doesn’t mean it’s of superior quality.

Quality comes from the beginning, here are a few things you should know.

1. What seeds were used?
● Find out where the seeds were grown to make the CBD oil and what types of seeds did they use when farming the hemp. Things like a seed to sale tracking can be requested. This would provide a map for companies to give quality assurance on what they are selling.

2. Where was it grown and what was their cultivation procedures?
● Farmers have different methods of farming the hemp. Not all manufacturers have farms like us at CNP Operating. Many manufacturers purchase hemp biomass and run it through their extraction method. Its important to know cultivating ways, is the farm organic or is there additives? We at CNP are organic hemp farmers.

3. What extraction method is used?
● There are different ways of extraction. Some of the most common are Co2, Ethanol or Butane. At CNP we use Ethanol as it is reusable and green energy and we get the cleanest product results. Some companies use chemical solvents such as hexane. This compound will speed the extraction process up and, in some cases, produce a higher yield of oil. However, it also introduces a foreign chemical into the process. Some chemical solvents may have reactions with the compounds in the hemp extract. While it may or may not diminish the potential benefits, it does tarnish nature’s intended support.

4. Third party testing results
● CBD is still going through regulations, so you need to do your research. many companies us at CNP Operating make sure to be transparent about their products. We test in-house at our lab and send it to third party testing for all batches made. Its crucial to get third party lab reports that test for everything not just a few solvents, they should test for every solvent and potency levels. If the product does not test and pass we won’t sell it.

Our purpose is passion. We are passionate about proving quality product, that support a healthy lifestyle. Before you go and buy a product or work with a manufacturer, make sure you do your research and read up about the company. If you can find lab results from them ask. We at CNP operating are proud to show this sort of transparency and information with you!

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